Saturday, July 28, 2012

Eclipse Juno


Note that we use separate installations of Eclipse for various languages:
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • Scripting: Javascript, Bash and Python
Download Eclipse Juno JEE.
If you are setting up a Python tool chain, unzip the folder into
Create a bash script to launch this e.g. Create your new work space with a folder structure as follows:

General Plugins

Mercurial Plugin

Install the Mercurial plugin from here:
The update site is
Add this update site. Go to Help->Install New Software...

Next, add the Mercurial plugin site.

Be sure to install only the MercurialEclipse plugin. Do NOT install the Windows Binaries.

Follow the remaining instructions and you’ll have Mercurial support in Eclipse.

Scripting Languages

Note that you should create a separate installation specifically for scripting languages.


Python support has been integrated into the Aptana Studio Plugin. It’s open source and available at


Unzip Juno into $HOME/local/eclipse-juno/eclipse-java/ followed by the Mercurial plugin as outlined above.


You’ll need the m2eclipse plugin to support Maven projects. Add the following repository to Eclipse:
Once it’s installed, go to Window->Preferences->Maven->Installations and change the default to a maven2 installation (maven3 has compatibility issues with many plugins). Also, change User Interface to default to the XML editor for pom.xml files—the structured editor is sluggish.

Color Themes

Aptana provides theming for Python. For Java, you’ll need the Eclipse Color Theme plugin available at I currently use vibrant ink.

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