Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blogger Setup

Blogger Setup for Markdown

This blog is now hosted on GitHub:

It’s a collection of Markdown pages along with links to images hosted in a public Dropbox folder. This enables me to edit everything in vim.

Articles detailing the benefits of Markdown:

By hosting the source material in a GitHub project, I can rearrange the articles over time while retaining the ability to publish the content to different blogging sites. GitHub automatically processes Markdown content for easy viewing. Plus, anyone is free to fork the project and submit corrections or additional content.

Project Layout

The praxis project is laid out with a folder per article. Each folder (e.g. praxis/blogger-setup) has a file named that contains the article. There is a corresponding folder Dropbox/Public/praxis/blogger-setup that contains all images associated with the article.

Note that you can store your images with your github project—-but I prefer to edit images on a Mac (while editing text in Linux) so synchronizing via Dropbox eliminates a commit/push step for the images.

Conversion to Blogger

Following instructions from here, make sure that Edit HTML Line Breaks is set to Use
and that Compose Settings is set to Interpret typed HTML.

Posting to Blogger

The following steps convert Markdown to HTML for Blogger:

$ pandoc --no-wrap --from=markdown --to=html | xclip

A better solution is to use Google’s Blogger API (v3). But access requires permission. I’ve submitted a request but have not heard back from Google.