Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Postfix with Amazon SES on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

We use Postfix as our MTA. However, most ISPs do not allow mail relay so we needed an alternate transport mechanism. Although we use Google Apps, there were restrictions on the from address and hard message limits that we wanted to avoid. This article describes how to integrate Postfix and Amazon's SES.

Create an AWS Account

At the upper right corner of the Amazon SES page, you'll see a link to Create an AWS Account.

Once you've created your account, go to your Security Credentials page and create an Access Key. You'll need your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. Please make a note of these two values.

Verify Addresses

Next, go the SES Management Console and verify addresses that you intend to use with SES. For example, we use Google Apps to host our domain. We've created groups that we use for various alerts. We added those addresses here.

Install Postfix

Be sure that you've added the fimero repository to your apt list.

Next, install the bbpostfix

$ sudo apt-get install bbpostfix

Just go with the defaults for the Postfix configuration. Once the Postfix configuration completes, you'll be asked for your MX domain. This should be the registered domain that you want to use for your outgoing email.

Package Source

The package sources are available here:

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